Shortly after completing my formal training as a Toastmaster and whilst studying for my written exams later that year, I was offered my first wedding in North Stifford, Essex. The couple, Leanne and Michael, were getting married at a nearby church before the reception at the Park Inn Hotel. I arrived at the venue early, and after introducing myself to the Banqueting Manager and familiarising myself with the layout, I awaited the arrival of the couple and their guests. As I was waiting it started to rain; and it rained, and it rained! The car park was flooded, and water was pouring through the front doors and into the foyer. The staff were bailing out the water with buckets and literally manning the pumps.
…and I’m thinking: “How I do I get my couple inside when they arrive?” I retrieved a golf umbrella from my car and directed the chauffeur to a side entrance, from where I was able to escort the couple, safe and dry, to their reception.

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