September 2020  /  Women’s Friendship Day…

Looking at my calendar of national awareness days, I see that 20th September this year has been designated as National Women’s Friendship Day, an ideal time for brides to reach out to the women in their bridal party: mother and mother-in-law, matron/maid of honour, bridesmaids and flower girl.
At many weddings, the Bride will hand out bridal favours during the wedding breakfast or leave them on the tables next to the place card of each lady. Traditional bridal favours are five sugared almonds in a box or mesh bag and given as a good luck gift to the lady. A wish is associated with each sugared almond: long life, fertility, happiness, wealth, and good health. There is a short poem that accompanies the bridal favours, which I will be pleased to recite during the wedding breakfast.

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