My Journey

Over the years I have derived great satisfaction in organising and delivering many social, community and fund-raising events, ensuring that each occasion is memorable for all the right reasons. A few years ago, I attended a talk by a Toastmaster, who spoke about the history and role of Toastmasters, and I thought “I can do that; I would enjoy doing that.” We had lunch together, and he eventually became my Training Officer at the Professional Toastmasters’ Academy.

Great care should always be taken when selecting a Toastmaster / Master of Ceremonies, and I am proud to have been trained to the high standards of the Professional Toastmasters’ Academy. My training involved classroom tuition, scenario sessions and private study followed by a written exam. After attachments to and observation by experienced Toastmasters, I was eventually welcomed as a Fellow of the Guild of Professional Toastmasters.

Having pursued a successful career as a freelance Information Systems Consultant for over 30 years, I am now pleased to offer my services as a Toastmaster / Master of Ceremonies. I am CST-trained, ‘on the square’, and with a keen interest in etiquette, protocol and ‘the done thing’ I can offer advice on a wide range of different functions including weddings, family celebrations and formal dinners. I work with people, not clients, and have been told that I have a positive personality, a calm and reassuring manner, and a sense of occasion that befits a traditional role.

About Me

Born and educated in London, I currently live in Eastbury, South-West Hertfordshire with my wife, Annette, a professional translator. I enjoy solving cryptic crosswords, listening to 1950s west coast USA jazz, devising and presenting quizzes, and sitting by the window in my local coffee bar watching the world pass by. I can also deliver a short talk entitled: ‘The History and Role of Toastmasters’ to community and social groups, and I am proud to support the Karen Morris Memorial Trust, a charity that provides facilities for leukaemia patients and their families. By the way, my surname is pronounced Ash-miel.

Be assured that I will always work with your best interests in mind, so please contact me to discuss your event.

John Ashmele FGPT
Fellow of the Guild of Professional Toastmasters
Graduate of the Professional Toastmasters’ Academy
m: 07710 400412 e: john@ashmele.co.uk