Quiz and Raffle

You might be organising a social event for many different reasons: an office party, a family celebration, a charity fundraiser, etc. Whatever the occasion, I can devise and present an entertaining quiz for you. The quiz will be tailored to suit your requirements and guests, but above all, the quiz will be entertaining and fun.

Everyone likes to be right but not everyone can be a winner, so the mix of easy and challenging questions is carefully balanced. My quizzes do not follow the format of a standard pub-type quiz with rounds based on a single topic, which can quickly lose the interest of guests who have little or no knowledge of those topics. Instead, each round consists of up to ten questions on a variety of themes, or a round may have just four questions with ten answers. Some questions may be trickier than others and some questions may be a bit quirky, so patience and lateral thinking are as important as general knowledge.

Try the following four questions with ten answers:

  1. Zero degrees, Michelle (5 letters)
  2. Henrietta Maria of France was the mother of which two Stuart kings of England?
  3. What are the three colours of the national flag of Italy?
  4. The UK has come first in the Eurovision song contest on five occasions; name four of the winning acts.

John has been running a highly successful and enjoyable series of on-line quizzes for our Mosaic community over this very difficult Covid-19 period.  Since April 2020, a keen group of Quizzers (and the number is growing monthly)  has joined John once a month to be challenged and entertained for an hour via Zoom.
John’s questions are varied, and he covers a wide range of subjects plus a bonus picture round on his website.
John’s personality and sense of humour add to the over-all atmosphere, and the community is grateful that he is compiling these excellent quizzes.
Jane Prentice (Events Organiser, Mosaic Jewish Community)

Many social and charity events will run a raffle, and there are several questions to be asked if the raffle is to be successful and profitable. I can advise and assist you on the most effective way of promoting the charity and selling tickets. I can also advise and assist you on conducting the draw to entertaining effect.

Be assured that I will always work with your best interests in mind, so please contact me to discuss your event.


  1. Obama
  2. Charles II and James II
  3. Green, white, red
  4. Sandie Shaw, Lulu, Brotherhood of Man, Bucks Fizz, Katrina and the Waves

John Ashmele FGPT
Fellow of the Guild of Professional Toastmasters
Graduate of the Professional Toastmasters’ Academy
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