Masonic Festival

At your festival, I will:
• Liaise with the Festival Secretary, ensuring that the venue is ready to receive the guests and resolve any problems that might arise;
• Look after the guests during the reception, encouraging them to look at the table plan and order table wine to save time later;
• Organise the receiving line and call the guests forward to be received, or call the guests to tables in a timely manner before the formal entry of the President and his Lady;
• Claim the attention of your guests for Grace, and look after them during the dinner;
• Introduce the Sung Grace and Loyal Toast;
• Assist with the distribution of the Ladies’ gifts;
• Introduce the speeches, toasts, and the Ladies Song;
• Introduce the first dance of the evening by the President and his Lady;
• Introduce the entertainment and assist with the raffle; and
• Finally draw the evening to a close with Auld Lang Syne and the National Anthem.

My fee for a Masonic festival is from £295 and depends on the location, size and complexity of the event.
Be assured that I will always work with your best interests in mind.

John Ashmele FGPT
Fellow of the Guild of Professional Toastmasters
Graduate of the Professional Toastmasters’ Academy
m: 07710 400412      e: