Weddings of Most Cultures

I consider it an honour and a privilege to be part of a wedding, and to assist the happy couple on their wedding day from the arrival of their guests to their first dance together.  I am also delighted to deliver the Toastmaster’s Tribute at the wedding breakfast.

There are many traditions associated with wedding celebrations of different cultures, be it Standard English, Jewish or Asian, and I will be pleased to discuss them with you. I am mindful that tact and discretion are called for when considering the requirements and wishes of the modern family, including same-sex or mixed-faith couples, and couples with children.

B’nei Mitzvah

 A Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah is an important milestone in the Jewish lifecycle, and you will want to celebrate this simcha with family and friends. As a Jewish Toastmaster, I can help with all the ritual and tradition expected on such an occasion, and ensure that all guests have an enjoyable time. If you wish, I will organise and present the ‘Ceremony of the 13 Candles’, a wonderful way for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah to acknowledge and honour the important people in their lives.


As your Master of Ceremonies I will ensure the smooth running of your celebrations, parties and other social events, including 18th, 21st and other significant birthdays, wedding anniversaries and renewal of wedding vows. New Year’s Eve and Diwali, Burn’s Night and Addressing the Haggis, Round Table and Rotary Club – no problem!

Adults or young adults, formal or informal, whatever the occasion, I can also organise some suitable entertainment – even MCs can be fun. I am often told that the celebrations will be informal, so I can if required put aside the traditional Toastmasters livery and wear less formal attire; you will still receive the same professional service.

Masonic Festivals

A Masonic Festival is the social highlight of the year for most Freemasons’ Lodges. It is important that the event proceeds smoothly, but with consideration for all those involved to ensure that everyone present, whether Freemason or guest, can fully enjoy their evening together. My experience as Master of Ceremonies (and on the square) will prove invaluable in guiding the President and his Lady, or the President and her Gentleman, in all aspects of the event.

Civic and Corporate Events

There is a wide variety of formal functions at which a Toastmaster can officiate. It could be at the Town Hall with the Town or Borough Mayor, or it could be an awards dinner or product launch at a corporate event with guest speakers and entertainers. Whatever the function, whoever is present, I will act as Master of Ceremonies and ensure the occasion runs smoothly in accordance with the appropriate protocols.

Charity and Fund Raising

The Annual Ball presents one of the biggest fund-raising opportunities for a charity organisation, but the last thing you need is to worry about how the evening will progress. As Master of Ceremonies, I will liaise with the other suppliers and entertainers, taking advantage of all fund-raising opportunities. I will take care of the raffle presentation and assist as auctioneer if required, helping to ensure that the raffle and auction are both entertaining and profitable.

Quiz Evenings

You might be organising a social event for many different reasons: a night out for the office, a different way to engage with clients, a product launch with important guests, entertainment at a conference, a Christmas party, or a charity fundraiser. Whatever the event, I can devise and present an entertaining quiz for you, providing the answer and score sheets. The quiz will be tailored to suit your requirements and guests, but above all, the quiz will be entertaining and fun.


There is a lot to consider, and it is of course very tempting to cut costs and ask a well-meaning member of your family, a friend or a colleague to act as your Toastmaster. This is the one time, though, when it really pays to have an experienced Master of Ceremonies to guide you through the pitfalls rather than ‘winging it’ on the day. I have the training and experience to ensure that your event is memorable for all the right reasons, so that you can relax and enjoy this special day with your family, friends and guests.
I will consult with you on every aspect of your event, agreeing all necessary procedures, timing and protocol. I will advise on etiquette, correct form of address and the general conduct appropriate to any particular occasion.

Typically, I will:
> Liaise with you and your suppliers in the weeks leading up to your event;
> On the day itself, ensure that the venue is ready for you and your guests and resolve any problems;
> Receive and welcome your guests as they arrive, and answer any questions;
> Ensure that special arrangements are in place for the elderly, disabled and guests with special needs;
> Assist the photographer, videographer and entertainers as required;
> Call your guests to dinner in a timely manner;
> Claim the attention of your guests for Grace, speeches and toasts;
> Assist with bouquet-throwing, cake-cutting and first dance;
> Assist with fund-raising activities, e.g. raffle, auction, quiz;
> Introduce entertainers and keynote speakers;
> Liaise with the Function Manager, other suppliers and my watch throughout the day; and
> At all times, work with your best interests in mind.