Traditional Wedding Speeches

Traditionally, there are three speeches at a ‘standard English wedding’: Father of the Bride, the Bridegroom, and the Best Man, in that order. Other speeches can be slotted in as required, for example, the Father of the Bridegroom would follow the Father of the Bride, and the Bride herself would follow the Bridegroom (so that she has the last word!). 

At a Jewish wedding, traditionally the Father of the Bride will welcome the guests before the meal, After the meal, the Best Man delivers his speech and the Bridegroom responds.

When delivering your speech, talk more slowly than you would normally. Also, take longer pauses between sentences, giving the guests time to laugh or wipe away a tear before you start on the next sentence. Avoid pauses mid-sentence, and if you cannot tell jokes, do not tell jokes! The six S’s of starting a speech: Sit, then Stand, Smile, Scan the room, wait for Silence, take a deep breath and then – and only then – Speak.

The Fifteen Peas of Public Speaking (by Graham Le-Gall, Wedding Speech Coach) will help you create and deliver the perfect wedding speech.