On-Line Interactive Community Quiz

One Sunday in April, I devised and presented an on-line interactive quiz for members of the Mosaic Jewish Community as part of its Fun on Funday programme of events during the Covid-19 lockdown. Over 50 people signed in using Zoom and cracked the picture round on my website. Judging by the responses everyone had an enjoyable time, despite the lack of sports questions and hearing some people discussing the answers over an open mic.

Ann S. writes: Many thanks for yesterday’s on-line interactive quiz for our community, John. Great fun and a welcome distraction to the day. You might be interested to know that participants were further flung than appeared obvious. Our daughter in New York was Facetiming me so she could be part of our team and she also enjoyed it! 

Ruth A. writes: Just a quick note to thank you for all the work you out in for the Quiz. […] It was enjoyable and a good way to pass the time.

Michael & Jane H. write: Just to say thank you so much for the quiz, really enjoyable and pitched just right; not too hard, but not too easy.

Marion C. writes: I’m sure you’ve had lots of plaudits and responses from everyone. I thought the quiz was excellent, pitched absolutely right and lots of fun. It covered a lot of ground, but nobody should have felt left out and that’s from someone who didn’t do particularly well!! Of course, I should have known the answers to most and they were on the tip of my tongue but couldn’t transfer them to the paper!!!

Sylvia M. writes: I wanted to thank you for a good quiz, something for everybody. Even if it did reinforce my lousy memory and ignorance, but it was a lovely way to spend an hour in lockdown. Many thanks.

Here are four questions for you:
1. Ganesha, one of the best-known and most widely worshipped deities in the Hindu pantheon, is represented in Indian art with the head of which creature?
2. The singer/actress Billie Piper has been married and divorced twice; name each of her ex-husbands.
3. Name three former female USA Secretaries of State.
4. Name any four full-length novels by Charles Dickens with a two-word title.